Spirit & Truth

Lancaster, CA

Client: Spirit & Truth
Project: UX Design/Web Development
Website: www.spiritandtruthav.org

Launch Project


Spirit & Truth launched a new marketing campaign targeting both print and digital mediums. The goal is to target traffic to their website, let the website educate users and then direct the user to one of their services.

With their marketing plan already in effect, Stan Collins wasn't satisfied with the website that was displayed and wanted to revamp their website to better meet the culture of his church.


Spirit & Truth is a non-denominational, multi-cultural church. Pastor Stan wanted to make sure the site not only expressed this, but also made anyone, regardless of culture, ethnicity or gender feel comfortable and want to come visit his church.

S&T is a fun-filled church who is not afraid to express their joy during service.


With that in mind, our UX designers decided to go big! Big images, big slides, graphical navigation reinforced by content that drives their message home. Images that bring the vision of Spirit & Truth was really important. The end result, a great looking website that clearly portrays the vision of our client to its target audience.

What Spirit & Truth said about us...

  1. Pastor Stan Collins, Sr. Pastor Spirit & Truth
    OMG! Has done it! The website that was created for our church was of superior quality and workmanship! The graphics were spot on, and the navigation through the site is very easy. Glad we chose OMG! And you should too!!

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